Try the best price Ping g25 & g30 drivers

I tried both ping drivers g25 & g30. The ping driver g30 is well balanced, easy to swing, has a penatrating stright ball flight. As a senior league golf player, Iam pleased with it’s performance! Handy csp 5. The ping g30 will be in my golf bag.

There’s not too much to say here: it’s big, it’s black and…uhhh…that’s about it. The Ping G25 driver review has a really big footprint; it’s big from heel to toe and front to back.  For a lot of people that’s confidence-inspiring, and I’d guess it’s part of the reason this club is so easy to hit. The matte black crown, a look that PING basically owns, is awesome.

As with any PING product, performance is what it’s really about, and the G25 does perform. The most notable feature of the G25 is its forgiveness. I hit the ball all over the face and saw minimal ball speed loss when compared to callaway x2 hot driver. Additionally, heel and toe shots didn’t produce the big gear effect hooks and slices that you might expect from other drivers.
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The new Ping G30 driver is a great driver. Not that much different from the G25, but still a very good driver.  I was expecting great things from the new G30, but whatever the Ping Rep and PGA Pro trried just did not work with the G30. I actually hit the i25 driver longer and straighter, with consistently better (in my case, lower) backspin numbers. However, none of these Ping drivers impressed me all that much, as none came close to the results.

With the G30, Ping also adds more “pop” to its best-selling driver line with a bright blue color scheme. The subtle addition of a blue hue, seen with a stripe on the bottom of the driver head, becomes more apparent on the head cover. The new matte blue hue’d Ping G30 succeeds the G25 which goes down in the history books as a solid driver that leaned a little more towards forgiveness than length.

I’ve been fitted for a G30 and I’ve ordered one. To me, it looks great, feels great, goes really well and it sounds good too. I have hit it in one range session so far with results comparable to what I saw on the launch monitor on Monday, and will be taking it to the golf course tomorrow for my regular 18 holes with my golfing buddies.