How to Become a More Consistent Putter?

Putting is all about confidence and it is when people lose their confidence in putting, that is when they start getting poor results on the green. Think about it for a second. How many different putting styles are there out there even on the PGA Tour yet they all produce great results and even the funkiest putting styles have been used to win major events.

So it is not the stroke that matters, however this does not mean you should ignore putting mechanics. In fact, if you are a beginner it is recommended that you take a lesson or two from your local golf pro just to get an idea of some of the mechanical approaches. A good mechanical tip is to make sure that your eyes are directly over the Cheap Scotty Cameron putter. This will help you to see the line of the putt better. After this you need to stick to one approach regardless of what other people might say. Do not chase the ‘perfect stroke’, it doesn’t exist. You are better off chasing the ‘perfect mentality’.

So what is the ideal way to think to improve your putting. The bottom line is that when you step over the putt you must know the ball is going in the hole. I realize there are many that say for long putts you just want to get it close but I disagree because you are just increasing your margin for error if you are aiming for some 3 foot circle. Always putt to make it.

Before a round hit a few long putts to get the feel of the greens, you may even want to aim for the edge of the greens instead of the hole because you do not want to see yourself consistently missing putts.

With Ping K15 Driver you will not make the majority that is why when practicing to get the feel of a green putt to the fringe. This will help to maintain your confidence. You want to spend a lot of time practicing putts inside 10 feet as you should be making the majority of these and also they are important putts as they can make a big difference in your score.