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Titleist 913d3 driver with Amazing distance and accuracy

I picked up a Titleist 913d3 driver just the other day so far so amazing! First Swing had me say wow that felt amazing. I had not hit a Titleist Driver since the 975D and that club was awful.

After about 25 balls my mind as sold on the 913D3, the launch monitor agreed. Higher club speed and ball speed, less spin and a much better smash rate.. But I wanted to hit a few more as I tend to slice when I get tired. After I took nearly 75-85 swings the miss hits that would normally fly 20-35 yards off target were only flying 5-10 and that is a potential round saver.

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The initial trip to the range I was set on a ping g25 driver, Cobra AMP Cell or the Nike Covert and had given ZERO thought to the Titleist 913D3. The Launch Monitor and club fitting pro set me up, after about 50 swings total with all the other drivers he pulled out the 913D3 for me.  Today was the first round I went and played with the new Driver and I loved it, I had finally dialed in to my setting a B2 on the adjustments chart and it was stripe city.

The beauty behind the technology is that while working through a swing change, the ball flight appeared rather low, and this was confirmed by the launch monitor.  A small adjustment and it was back in line, with carry distance back to where it should be.  This is where adjustability, and more importantly, independent adjustability (like the SureFit hosel) is so useful.

Before testing, I was fit for the Titleist 913 line both in the shaft and club head, as well as the SureFit Tour hosel setting.  The choice for me was the titleist 913d2 driver with the Aldila RIP a 60.  This is a low to mid launching shaft that when partnered with increasing the loft on the driver, gave me near optimal results when hitting it well.

I love this 913d3 driver and am extremely thrilled I purchased it. The only downside to the club was its 400 retail price, which is steep for a club you only hit 12-14 times on 18 on holes. But I am happy with it thus far and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new Driver.

Do Some Strength Exercises to Achieve Powerful Swing

Golf is a ball sport need much power and skill just like many other sports. Power is what you can get via some strength exercises while skill cannot. So, before getting some good skills, think about how to gain much power to play golf well. As we all know, a powerful golf swing can always create long distance and low score, it is a good way to improve your whole golf.

Now that enough power is such an important element to golf, where and how to get it?  Firstly, you should keep in mind that any strength program utilizes weights. The weights I am talking about are primarily dumbbells. Dumbbells allow you a full range of motion that can be exactly like every phase of your golf swing. All it takes is a little creativity to design golf exercises that mimic your swing with weights.

You can make a golf backswing with a single dumbbell. Nothing fancy, but very effective. This simple golf exercise will improve the strength of my golf muscles specific to my backswing, in return generating a much more powerful backswing.

In addition, another effective golf specific exercise tool is tubing. Tubing is inexpensive, portable, and can be purchased just about anywhere (including Target now). I use exercise tubing in all my golf fitness dvds, manual and membership site because it enables me to come up with exercises that replicate the golf swing exactly.

Actually, you can make an exact golf downswing with tubing attached to the top of a door. You can’t get anymore golf specific than that. It is very common to see that many golfers who have just done this exercise and have seen increases of 30 yards on their drives. Poor swing, right? Even you hit a long taylormade sldr driver, result will not change.

There are literally dozens and dozens of strength exercises you can do with tubing that are golf specific. Medicine balls were a very popular training device back in the early 1900’s and have come back full force. Every conditioning program for Newport 2 Putter 2014 and all sports incorporate medicine balls.

The beauty of medicine balls is the weight. They are as big as a basketball, but can weigh up to 20 pounds. This is ideal for strengthening your core specific to golf. Look at the picture here. You can do a stationary golf swing with a heavy medicine ball. This simple exercise can add a massive amount of yards to all your best price golf clubs due to the rapid strength improvement of your core.

Finally, you should never ignore golf specific strength training exercises anymore. Try your best to do some exercises for more power, but never do overexercises. That’s why I always refer to enough power.

Testing xxio mp800 irons with Steel Shafts qucikly

Cleveland CG1 Gold Iron Set pitches two-feet left of the pin, runs past the hole before arcing back from the slope and nestling in the target to get superb hole-in-one. That wasn’t the only rarity of day two at the Chevron World Challenge – where Wagering action still leads after a second-round 66 – as Bubba Watson holed a 283-yard approach shot at the par-5 16th for an albatross two.

“I used one within first round in Walesfour or improved ago, but i putted horrendously with who’s. I played xxio mp800 irons with Steel Shafts beautifully from the pro-am on the other hand remember messing around with Colin Montgomerie and Ian Poulter and missed everything, so period of time in the bag while on the Friday.

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The Ping G20 Irons hit the ball long with forgiveness and distance control. Extreme perimeter weighting in the deep, multi-cavity design will make the 17-4 stainless steel heads highly forgiving. A multi-material cavity badge along with soft elastomer heel and toe sections improves feel and wise. The cavity’s floating CTP structure stabilizes a thin face produce fast ball speeds and distance with control. Combined with PING’s new CFS (Control, Feel, Stability) steel shaft, the G20 optimizes feel, trajectories and distance gaps for more consistency.

That’s after i stumbled across people claiming to funds affiliate marketing, freelancing, Blogging and several other ways. An easy bulb went off, very easily could use my knowledge online, I could truthfully probably look for a way to get more cash and fight the fact I got laid without.

Try Your Best to Make Your Game Smart

When it comes to smart, we would firstly think of human beings. Because smart is always used to describe a person. If someone is said to be smart, then he must be very sensible in doing all the things. But one can also make your game smart, I mean a golf game. In golf, smart things are also needed.

When you can make golf smart, you will succeed even if you cannot win a game, because you have won yourself and the game in your heart. Good golf is attainable, and by using the theory that good or better is a relative thing, that makes the theory work, and you can finally make some head-way to improve your golf game.

What is acceptable to you is a key, as pressure to be better is a problem, because we create a large amount of stress that needs to be dealt with. At what ever level you are, the gradual but true improvement is great and to pinpoint the reasons you are not better is a way you need to deal with improving.

There are two main areas you can improve, one is in the area of your physical swing mechanics such as alignment, stance, swing-plane, etc. The other area is the mental side of the game, and that is how golf smart you get.

Smart or not should depend on how well you plan, how well you execute and how small you allow your mistakes to be. This can be natural to some people who are observant and have good concentration, but can be a problem for those that can not keep focused and stay in the game playing with an old ping g15 driver.

As we all know, golf is tend to be a mental ball sport more than a physical sport. Why? Because playing golf is not only a simple physical action to hit the ball out with a ping g25 driver, you need to put lots of mental ideas and effort to it. And when you are in the aim to make golf smart, then mental golf appeared.

Moreover, mental golf seems more useful than just physical golf in many times. For example, a person who with a new and cool set of best price golf clubs compared with a person who have enough confidence would probable the loser during the game. If you relax enough and have less load in heart, you will be more likely to win the game.

Finally, if you want to make your golf smart, you also need to know where your problem is. If you play golf full with disorders and mistakes, how could it be smart or even look like smart? A smart game does not equal a smart person, but you must try your best to make the game smart via your ping g20 irons, skills or something else.

Things will be changed if you start with an idea to make smart golf. Learn to change and accept new ideas can really be helpful to your game.

TaylorMade’s SLDR brings white back

TaylorMade introduced a new version, called Taylormade SLDR White driver. It comes to market extolling the same technological benefits as the original SLDR but in a color the company believes will resonate with consumers who purchased white metalwoods

Interestingly, while TaylorMade drivers comfortably  lead in the number of drivers played on the PGA Tour, only a year ago that number was overwhelmingly dominated by white drivers. Now, there’s only about a handful in play on a weekly basis. Most TaylorMade players are using the original SLDR, but Kevin Stadler won at Waste Management in February using the white-crowned taylormade burner 2.0, the last win on the PGA Tour for a white driver, and is still using it.

Tom Kroll, TaylorMade product evangelist, described the company’s position on white last summer this way. “We still as a company strongly believe in the performance and technology of white and the contrast of a white crown with a black face, and how it aids alignment and the entire aspect that white represents. I think we’re definitely standing behind that. It’s a part of our culture, and people have come to associate TaylorMade with white.”

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In referring to the Discount TaylorMade R1 Black Driver last year, though, Kroll said, “It’s more that we’re tugging at a heartstring that’s emotional for the golfer so that when they set this thing down and look at it they just got to have it.”

In addition to the white crown, the club features a black “button back” feature in the rear of the crown, designed to aid in alignment. The key platform behind the Taylormade SLDR driver is a center of gravity position that is low and forward. The idea is that this location produces lower spin and a more efficient energy transfer.

The company believes the low spin benefits are best experienced when players utilize a higher loft than they might normally play in previous drivers. SLDR also includes two levels of adjustability. The hosel can be rotated to one of 12 locations that increase or decrease loft by as much as 1.5 degrees. Also, a sliding 20-gram weight in the sole can be positioned toward the heel, center or toe to effect draw, neutral or fade ballflights.

Canadian exec Dick Grimm dies at 91

TORONTO — Dick Grimm, a golf executive who helped grow the sport in Canada, has died. He was 91.

Golf Canada says he died Monday.

Grimm played a key role in building Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario, and retaining Jack Nicklaus as the course architect. The cheap taylormade r11 irons is his favorite set.

Between 1965 and 1981, Grimm was chairman of the Canadian Open eight times. In 1983, he became director of professional tournaments for the Royal Canadian Golf Association, now Golf Canada. He held that position until 1993 when he became the Canadian Tour’s commissioner. That year he was inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1993.

A memorial service is Friday in Thornhill, Ontario.

Ping i20 Comes with a Special Design

Recently, one of my friends is hesitating between Ping G20 and Ping i20 irons. He is going to change the whole set to a new set of Ping clubs. But when it comes to the iron set, he cannot decide by himself. So, he asked me for some advices. I think he will know which to buy after reading the chapter below.

Many people may not know that the Phoenix-based equipment maker has created something special with its i20 irons line, which was released Jan. 1 and offers multi-metal technology in a progressive set design. This design makes Ping i20 different from other ping clubs.

The long irons are slightly larger and launch higher, he says, thanks to a vertical Custom Tuning Port that allowed Ping to position the Center of Gravity a bit farther back in this model as opposed to its predecessor, the ping g15 irons. “But they worked to make sure that as we transitioned to the short irons, which have a thinner top line and a shorter toe-to-heel length, and they kept shots at the right trajectory.

A tungsten toe weighting system in the 17-4 stainless steel heads of the i20s enhances forgiveness throughout the set and makes it easier for players to shape and control shots, Schweigert adds, while stabilizing bars work with a slightly thicker clubface to bolster distance control and feel.

Moreover, the Ping i20 irons come in a progressive set configuration, with the long irons boasting larger clubheads and the short irons more compact clubheads. The long irons launch higher and provide more forgiveness, while the short irons have less offset and focus more on control.


The clubheads are stainless steel, with tungtsen weights in the toes, another nod to forgiveness. Distance control was a design goal in the set, Ping says, and thicker faces and stabilizer bars help in that area. The irons have a low-glare, satin chrome finish.

In addition, each of the i20 irons comes with what Schweigert calls a “foggy chrome” finish and ferrule for a cleaner, more high-performance look. While they will sit in the Ping line between the S56 and ping g20 irons, they are designed to appeal to golfers of all abilities.

However, this article is not stating how nice Ping i20 is. I just want you to know where the difference is. It is important to find the most suitable clubs for golf playing. I want to let my friend know which is the best club for him. I hope he will not regret about his choice of these clubs.

Recommend golfers to Play Ping g15 irons

In this article, I might suggest the Ping g15 irons to the golfer who wants to improve round of golf. They have a slightly thinner face design with more weight moved to the toe to help increase forgiveness.

The biggest improvement is that the Ping G15 Irons are a bit more forgiving thanks to the moment of inertia increasing which Ping has achieved by introducing a custom tuning port that is further back from the face of the clubhead. This has allowed Ping’s designers to remove seven grams from the Ping G15 Irons face custom tuning port structure without destabilizing the clubface or reducing distance control.

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It is even possible to work the shorter irons, left or right when needed. Anything over that may be better off with a budget Ping G20 Irons. I’d say for that 5-15 handicap range. I can also hit a 4 iron effortlessly at last in existence as in fact. When I mishit, there’s a quite “hard” response from the club, but very forgiving without losing too much distance. Beneficial hit all of the sweetspot the opinion is cool.

Another factor yard sales are great is because they’re usually held on weekend mornings. Where’s the husband on a weekend breakfast? Not at the yard sale but out playing golf course. That means that you negotiate with Mom, whose primary motive is to cleanse out the garage, for your price of individuals clubs.

As the majority of forms of human endeavor, in golf there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” method. What’s right for your partner may ‘t be right an individual. Club fitting with the assistance of club professional is a fantastic place to begin.

Innovative Rocketbladez irons with speed pocket design

Currently, the TaylorMade Rocketbladez irons are available with different shafts, which are steel, ‘rocketfuel 85’ steel and graphite. The RocketBladez irons range from (4-PW) and also a PW and AW irons.

The RocketBladez irons certainly feel great. There is polyurethane that has been specially designed that is filled in the Speed Pocket, which has been designed by 3M. As a result, vibration is quieted while the flex of the pocket is not inhibited or slowed down and debris is also kept out.

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The most effective and newest Inverted Cone clubface iteration technology is incorporated into the TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons. The improved Inverted Cone design is positioned in the back of the clubface, from where two critical benefits are delivered. First, the size of the clubface area is increased so that high ball speed is delivered. Second, the flexing of and rebound of the face at impact are influenced by it so that angle at which ball leaves the face can be controlled.

In comparison to game improvement TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 2014, the RocketBladez irons from Taylor made are longer and straighter. consistent speed is also delivered by the RocketBladez Speed Pocket, due to which shots fly a distance consistently, making the distance each shot might cover more predictable.

The clubs have been really well designed and this is apparent from the first time you see and use them. Overall, using the TaylorMade RocketBladez irons can really help any player improve their game.

Drop Your Slow Playing to Go Faster

As we all know, golf is a very popular ball sport together with many rules and etiquettes. Golf plays should perform their good attitude in golf playing. But there are always some players who take some bad golf habits into greens. And the most common one I think is that many players ignore the importance of speed up playing.

Now you know the reasons why so many players are complaining about slow play ahead of them, but we tend to ignore those behind us when we’re looking for a lost ball. While you should never rush your golf game, there are a number of tips that you can apply to improve your overall pace.

To keep a good pace on golf playing is really a good habit for all of us. Not rush, but maintain a good playing pace. So, how to do to accomplish a good speed? The first thing you need to do is to acknowledge your ability. If you’re an average golfer, don’t drive from the championship tees. While you may think that you’re prepared for the challenge, you’re actually just preparing yourself for a long day of golf.

The second thing you need to do is to know what ball you’re playing with. Make sure to take note of the brand and number on the ball so that you don’t mistake another ball as your own while in play.

Thirdly, do not ignore your shots, you need to watch each shot you make. And you need to try to pay attention to where your ball and TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons landed. If you lose sight of it, ask one of your playing partners where they thought it may have landed.

Fourthly, a plan is always good than none. Plans on shots can help do things well and more logically. After your foursome has shot, walk directly to your ball instead of moving from one to another. While waiting for others, plan your shot by selecting your TaylorMade R1 Driver and knowing where you want to aim.

In addition, you can take a provisional shot to ensure that you won’t have to backtrack later on if you think you’re ball may be out of bounds. Also, try to limit mulligans if you’re playing with those when there is pressure from the group behind you.

Finally, remember to read the green, I mean understand the green. A good advice is to watch what other TaylorMade Putters are doing and have your shot prepared before it’s your turn.

However, there are still many other factores lead to slow playing. It is not easy to keep a good pace without having to rush yourself through the process. But you need to do your best! Good habits are always better than bad golf habits.

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