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Some Advices for Golf Online Shopping

In such a fast paced internet age, more people would like to prefer online shopping instead of going out for everything. People can find almost all the things they want online. And nowadays, there are so many golf stores online, which provide people with great convenience and promptness.

However, not all people findTaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 2014 that uses advanced encrypting technology and make sure that the site is legitimate, reliable, and safe to shop.

And you need to make sure that you access and read its privacy policy when you go to the site. This is to prevent the site from giving or selling your information, especially your email address, to other interest third parties, as you wish. Recently, I found a very good site for golf shoping, maybe you can take a look at it if you are in need ot new golf

Then what you need to do is to check the contact information when you buy a set of taylormade r11 irons. Legitimate sites, including online golf stores, will provide their contact information including a verifiable toll-free number on their site for the perusal of their customers and site visitors. Usually, the more contact information details you see listed on the site, the greater its legitimacy. You can always verify legitimacy from Better Business Bureau.

Nowadays, it is easy to find golf stores on the internet who sell golf items and equipment, for example the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons.  You can find golf stores that sell various brands, as well as stores that specialize on a single brand. You can use the search engines like Google to locate these stores. You can also visit a site that carries a golf store locator, where it allows you to find not only stores but also warehouses and fitting centres for your offline golf shopping needs.Finally, remember to make sure that you find the right golf store online, verify the legitimacy and reputation of the store.

In view of saving time and money, buying golf online is really a good choice for you. You cannot only find cheap golf clubs online but also with excellent quality and service. Actually, I have been purchasing golf online for many years, and I always get what I need online. This really helped me much in life and work!

Stephen Gallacher into Masters field

Scotland’s Stephen Gallacher is the only player to make it into the Masters field via the top 50 in the world criteria that ended with the Valero Texas Open.

Gallacher, who will play in his first Masters with titleist cb 714 irons next week, moved into the top 50 when he captured the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in February. He is now 38th in the world.

He is the only player to take advantage of the invite that allows entry to any player who is in the top 50 in the Official World Golf Ranking as of Monday who was not otherwise in the field. The Masters also invited players who were in the top 50 at the end of 2013.

In the last five weeks four players have earned an invitation by winning on the PGA Tour: Russell Henley (Honda Classic), John Senden (Valspar Championship), Matt Every (Arnold Palmer Invitational) and Steven Bowditch (Valero Texas Open).

Among those who had a chance to move into the top 50 with titleist ap2 714 irons in San Antonio were Chesson Hadley and Ryan Palmer. Hadley needed a top seven or better while Palmer needed to finish in the top three, but both shot in the 80s during the final round.

The only other way into the field is to win this week’s Shell Houston Open.

The field size stands at 96 and Bowditch became the 20th who will make his Masters debut.

Tips for Getting Longer Distance

Today, I want to talk about the ground up with the core of basic fundamentals and eventually working its way to the intricacies of throwing mechanics. While your current philosophy on throwing power may disagree with some of the things below, you may need to keep an open mind on the subjects at hand. Everyone who play golf wants to be fully comfortable with your driving technique and can execute your throws consistently.

So, how to? Firstly, make sure that every component of your throw happens at the right time.If you are certain that everything is happening correctly, you can move on to the next section. If you can not make sure, you may want to continue reading and make sure that your throwing mechanics are all firing in the correct order. Asking a friend to watch your playing, then you can ask him or her to tell you the details.

One of my friend did meet this kind of problem when hitting his new Ping G25 Driverbought inline. The feet lead the hips, the hips turn the torso, the torso leads the shoulder, the shoulder pulls the arm, and the arm pulls the disc. The chief motion is not a conscious movement of the muscles, but the result of a preceding motion that naturally leads the body through the process. And the arm should be pulled through by the rotation of the shoulders, that’s why it is not easy for you to be physically pulling your arm and the disc through with your upper body and arm muscles.

Also, remember to speed up! The speed of your swing is also very important when palying golf , for example Ping G25 Irons. While the specific angle that works best for you will vary from person to person the direction of your toes will naturally direct your hips. In my opinion, people with a strong baseball background may have greater success with an angle closer to 90 degrees, but the average player will probably do better closer to 180.

Secondly, be careful of your footwork. It means that the toes on your plant foot should be at an angle between 90 and 45 degrees from your target. Why? Becuase it will lead to a natural opening of the hips as you transfer your weight forward. So, you need to focus more on quickness than on strength for the push from the cross step when hiting the Ping G25 Hybrid.

However, things do not happen in rule. If you find something happening out of order, You can throw with just a hip rotation to work out some of the kinks. Or you can also have someone gently hold your arm in your reach back position as you lightly go through your motion. The hand should be the last part of your body to move.

Finally, if all the steps above are finished, then you go ahead with your swing. Each sport needs time and experience, no one is born to be a good sport man, but we can do our best!

Hogan’s irons from 1953 season on auction block

Over the next two weeks, golf fans and collectors alike have the opportunity to bid on a piece of equipment history.

Ben Hogan won the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open during his fabled 1953 season, a campaign that came just four years after his near-fatal car accident. The MacGregor irons Hogan used that year are currently being auctioned at

The listing notes that there are three different sets of MacGregor irons that Hogan once used – one resides in the USGA museum, and another is housed at Merion Golf Club, where Hogan won the U.S. Open in 1950. The third set belongs to former PGA Tour player Jimmy Powell, who has opted to place them on the auction block.

“This isn’t just any Ben Hogan iron set that he may have used once or twice,” the listing reads. “These are Hogan’s actual ‘working’ set from 1953, when he not only won three majors, but was fine-tuning his idea for the perfect titleist irons fans, just visit this budget golf clubs shop online. Titleist recently tweaked player favorites titleist cb 714 irons and titleist mb 714 irons.

No One Can Supplant the No.1 Sanding of Tiger Woods

Though, there are now so many remarks about Tiger Woods and his uncertain future, no one is stepping forward to take the No. 1 spot in the World Ranking from Tiger. Do you agree with me? Yes, I think so. Tiger is still the golfer superstar in most golf fans’ heart.

Let’s see something at Bay Hill, you will then find the reason why I see so. Adam Scott could have done that with a win at Bay Hill, but he blew an eight-stroke lead after 35 holes, finishing third behind winner Matt Every. A sore shoulder has hampered Justin Rose; Rory McIlory has been inconsistent, as he was at the Honda Classic where he opened with a 63 and closed with a 74 by hiting Ping G25 Driver, losing to Russell Henley in a playoff.

At this stage of Phil Mickelson’s career of Titleist 913 d3 driver, you never really know where he stands until you get to the first major. Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and Jason Dufner are enigmatic bundles of talent. You never know what you will get from them.

It is so obvious that we are in a period of uncertainty for Woods in which injury, age and a diminished belief system — both by Tiger and those who once feared him — have turned expectation from an exclamation point into a question mark.




Why people say that Tiger has an uncertain future? Maybe the uncertainty is time to fully appreciate what Woods has achieved. When Patrick Reed says he is one of the top-five players in the world the statement has a ring of truth because 15 or 20 guys can say that, this era of parity being what it is.

Tiger Woods cheers us with two bursts of brilliance, first when he won seven of 11 majors from the 1999 PGA Championship through the 2002 U.S. Open with most golfers using Ping G25 Irons and then when he took six of 14 from the 2005 Masters through the 2008 U.S. Open, his last major. He over Mediate there have been 22 majors played with 19 different winners since that victory. Only Padraig Harrington, McIlroy and Mickelson won twice during that period.

Believer it or not, Tiger Woods got into the first step to No. 1 and no one has walked through to claim it. When someone does, perhaps it won’t be one of the usual suspects but rather some fresh and strong faces even though we have no idea when to see Tiger again.

No matter to what kind of things or competition,to be the winner is not an easy thing. There are much effort and time need to be spent. And in such a fast paced developing world, you will be easily replaced if you do not work hard. Of course, working hard is not the only thing you need to do, experiences are what golfers should cherish.

Callaway’s New Equipment X Hot irons and driver

Callaway Golf’s newest clubs are the X Hot series, and the company touts its ball speed and distance performances.

The Callaway X Hot driver incorporates some of Callaway’s well-known technology, such as Speed Frame Face Technology, to address not just efficient energy transfer from club to ball, but also weight savings. The thin, all-titanium head helps create a lighter swingweight and lighter overall clubweight, while the clubface has a tighter curvature to create a look preferred by better players at address.

Something new from Callaway is the X Hot Driver’s “Draw Bias Progression.” What that means is that as the driver loft increases, so does the draw bias: more draw bias in higher lofts, less in lower lofts. The X Hot driver is also adjustable through Callaway’s OptiFit Hosel. Golfers can move the face angle to open, square or closed positions to affect ball flight.

YouTube Preview Image

In the X Hot irons, Callaway takes the “Speed Frame Face Technology” it’s been using in its drivers and utilized it in irons. That tech is designed to create a better transfer of energy from clubface to golf ball, thereby boosting ball speed and distance performance. And the company also offers the X Hot Pro version for lower-handicap golfers.

The cheap Callaway X Hot irons incorporate “Feel Management Technology” in the back of the clubhead, for crisper feel and sound. These irons also use a Deep Undercut Cavity design to move the center of gravity lower (helping with launch) and move the “hottest” part of the clubface lower, as well.

The stock shaft is the True Temper Speed Step 85 Lightweight Steel Shaft, with other options available.

Titleist AP1 714 and Titleist AP2 714, Which One Do You Pref

I’m going to be getting new clubs relatively soon and over the weekend I hit a Ping i20 and a Titleist 714 AP1. Both felt great but after reading up a bit, it seems like the AP2 is more comparable to the Ping i20 than the AP1. If so, I’ll likely go back and hit the AP2 to get a better idea of how it feels compared to the i20.

Yes, it is really a problem on which one to buy especially when both are what you want. I always have this kind of trouble on choosing golf clubs. You dont want to be fitted for new clubs early spring when you havent really been playing. The new Titleist AP2 714 Irons’ are solid. I’m still trying to put down a review of the differences between the old and new models. Need more time. The weight is different on the 714’s. Seems much lighter and balanced well.

The AP1 714 irons are designed to more accurately define your iron shots, not from a greater distance standpoint but at the right distance and Titleist crafted these irons – without making the clubs bigger – specifically to improve ball flight and forgiveness. And Titleist AP1 714 Irons are not as big as several competing models in the game-improvement category. Titleist adds that among the smaller-headed, game-improvement irons available, the AP1 is the most forgiving.

However, on the other hand, Titleist designed the new 714 AP2 long irons with faces that are 25 percent thinner than their predecessors to meet that creativity, along with a dual-cavity design. Within the encased lower cavity of the 714 AP2, Titleist positioned a high-density tungsten weight. Another piece of high-density tungsten also was co-forged in the heel section, just below the area where the shaft enters the hosel.

The combination of the 714 AP2’s thin face, perimeter weighting and lowered CG is designed to make these irons easier to hit and help mis-hit shots maintain ball speed. The larger-headed 714 AP1 irons are more forgiving, but the AP2 long irons provide some margin for error for accomplished players who want to shape the ball around a corner, hit it under a branch or feather a shot into a tight hole location.

Till now, it is really harder for me to choose the clubs. Then, I took a look at the titleist mb 714 irons. I think they are also very good and may suit me well. For irons, I only love steel shafts, cause graphite shafts are something light to me. It is said that the new 714 MB irons will work through the ground more effectively, even on steeper swings. This is just what I want!

I much prefer carrying the ball further with G20 driver

I’ve never been a fan of stock shafts, simply because the “made for the masses” shafts are typically cheap, inconsistent and rarely fit my swing. So I was skeptical of playing a G20 off the rack driver, especially as I consider all the fitting options Ping offers. But after the many rounds I’ve played with the Ping G20 driver australia, I can’t imagine getting better numbers or results with any other shaft. This driver is a cannon right off the shelf.  It is a mid-launch shaft with mid/low spin.  The feel is crisp and smooth.

The head itself is a full 460cc with plenty of girth front to back and side to side. It has a relatively deep face and sits square. It is painted a charcoal color on the crown, it has the Ping half-moon alignment aid and the bottom has a mostly polished sole with some red and black paint. The face of the club felt perfectly square. Some drivers on the market come a bit closed and feel like to have to open it up a bit. The G20 didn’t require any type of adjustment at all. Taking any sort of doubt at address is a big plus in my book.

YouTube Preview Image

After a couple of swings the biggest thing that I took notice of was the weight of the club. The G20 is much lighter than my previous drivers. So not only do I have a driver that feels great at address, it also feels like I can make a good, hard pass at the ball. As mentioned earlier, PING has put a high balance point in their G20 shafts to allow you to swing a bit more mass (G20 is actually 2 grams heavier than the Ping K15 Driver for sale) at the same speed.

On the course is where you get “Bubba” with it. My first drive was so impressive. I hit an absolute bomb right down the middle of the fairway as straight as can be. It felt so hot off the face and rose gently to a mid/high launch and just carried and carried until it descended bounding down the fairway. For the rest of the rounds, it just simply was a copy of that first drive over and over. It was as consistent and long drive as any driver.

It was one of the longest drivers I’ve hit off the rack. I found it to be a great combination with my Ping G20 Fairway Wood that I was able to reach a couple of par 5s I’ve never reached before in 2. It was long for other people too. I was paired up with a high handicapper for one round and he had just bought the Ping G20 driver, similar specs to mine.  He was really struggling with all of his clubs except the driver. He was bombing it far beyond his ability.

Ping’s simple changes to create the G20 made this club “Bubba” long right off the rack. If you are looking for no frills length with great sound and accuracy, check out the Ping G20 driver.

It’s Hard to Choose Taylormade Tour Preferred Irons

As a Taylormade golf fan, I am often stuck in choosing the right series clubs for me. I have played golf for about 4 years since high school, yes, not a very long period to many people. Not long ago, a friend of mine advised me of the Taylormade Tour Preferred series irons. Tour Preferred products were specifically designed not just for better players; Tour Preferred products were designed for the very best players in the world.

It is really hard for me to buy them now, cause I already have a set of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons in bag, and I do hit them well. I really have no idea to change my tools so frequently. But after suffering online, I found they are very cool, which are even better than what I own in hands.

However, another problem comes again. You know what? These irons have 3 different models in all. I am not good at choosing new golf clubs, especially the newest ones in 2014. The 3 different models are taylormade tour preferred tour mb irons, taylormade tour preferred tour cb irons and taylormade tour preferred tour mc irons.


While the taylormade tour preferred tour cb irons is the direct replacement for the RBladez Tour, the new irons have been completely redesigned. The CB is more than just RBladez Tour 2.0. It’s new. It’s different. It’s better The new design features an open-channel cavity (similar to what others call a slot cavity or pocket cavity), and as you might expect, retains TaylorMade’s now signature goo-filled Speed Pocket sole design.

And the new taylormade tour preferred tour mc irons is a radical, yet pleasant, departure from the previous model. It’s a huge aesthetic upgrade, unless you’re a guy who genuinely prefers irons that look like they were assembled with spare parts from an Erector set. Like all Speed Pocket equipped designs, consistency remains part of the design spec, however; instead of height and distance, the MC’s Speed Pocket is designed with an emphasis on feel.

Additionally, different from MC, TaylorMade has thankfully dispensed with the previous incarnation of the MB’s Precision Weight Port..Instead the focus is on refinement. TaylorMade has improved the overall shape of the iron, smoothing lines and, at the request of their Tour pros, reducing camber.

All in all, the 3 are excellent and cool, different people must have different requests. But in view of pursuing light weight and speed, I would prefer MB. I think they would meet my golf playing smoothly.

Titleist AP2 712 Irons live up to its name

ap2 712 irons 1

This is my first year playing golf. I started with ping g25 irons and switched to the AP2 712 irons. My handicap is 15 but I am making great progress. These irons are very easy to hit for me. Consistent distance and great feedback on mishits.

Titleist has always been about tradition and seem to always be going after the better player. Titleist has long used “700’’ num­bers for irons for a long time. It uses 900 num­bers for metal woods. The “7” stands for irons, while the “12” stands for the new model year, 2012. Acush­net says the feed­back it receives dur­ing this val­i­da­tion process influ­ences the design and spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Titleist prod­ucts avail­able in golf shops around the world. They are more forgiving and more disctance control.It gives the AP2 player more consistent ball speed over a larger area of the face.

The new AP1 and AP2 irons deliver an industry leading combination of performance, looks and feel. They feature our most advanced multi-material designs which deliver superior distance control through increased moment-of-inertia (MOI) which also provides outstanding solid feel. In addition we have made appearance improvements to both sets.They are designed for low handicappers,Titleist has significantly increased the club’s moment of inertia (MOI) by re-positioning tungsten weight within the heads.The overall goal was to better apply the different materials used in the design.

The Titleist AP2 712 irons feature a dual tungsten weighting in the sole of the club that accounts for 20% of the overall weight of the clubhead. This increases the MOI of the club by 7% without having to make the head longer, which means that it is very forgiving for its size and Titleist claim that it has a 6% smaller dispersion than the previous AP2 model.

This is certainly a very easy club to hit. At address the offset is larger than in the Titleist AP1 Irons but not so much that it will put better players off. The head size is also larger and inspires a lot of confidence at address without appearing too chunky. The 712 AP2s are a joy to hit and the True Temper Dynamic XP shaft is light and lovely to use.

The sound and feel at impact is excellent and the trajectory was not much higher than the AP1s. Indeed we could see a lot of single figure golfers using these irons or certainly blending in the longer irons with the shorter irons from the AP1 set. The AP2 irons are a great set and well worth a test if you are as Titliest say, a serious golfer, whatever your handicap.

To sum up,these cheap golf clubs australia are really good, they are cannons. Have a great feel and are easy to control. One of the best irons that have been made. I love my AP2s.

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